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Having as few as 20 books in the home has a significant impact on propelling a child to a higher level of education, and the more books you add, the greater the benefit. 
(20-year study, University of Nevada.)

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Share Literacy Chapters are administered by volunteers.
100% of your contribution gives books to needy children.

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“The Magic of Reading” is an informative and entertaining video on the value of reading Teaching-Stories to children. It includes a presentation of The Boy Without a Name.

Mission and goals:
Our mission is to address and reduce the growing literacy gap between rich privileged and poor at risk children and their families. Share Literacy promotes the development of reading and thinking skills by partnering with established early childhood education agencies serving poverty-level and low-income families, with after-school programs and with organizations providing ESL and adult literacy instruction.

Program goals:
  • Improve literacy skills
  • Encourage the development of higher-level thinking skills
  • Ensure that every child participating in a Share Literacy program takes home at least one book to keep
  • Improve parental knowledge and involvement in the development of their children's literacy
  • Promote tolerance and understanding by using multicultural literature designed to teach problem-solving and commonality of human experience
  • Improve teachers' instructional skills in the areas of early literacy and literacy training
Programs: 'Teaching-Stories: Learning that Lasts'
  • We provide a complete curriculum: lesson plans, activity guides with quality books and audio recordings of them (English or bilingual Spanish-English) that children can take home and keep, along with activities to engage parents and foster a home-school connection.
  • Our professional development program offers hands-on opportunities using our lesson plans, activity guides, and other educational aids.
  • Teachers and other professionals learn how to improve students' reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking skills while utilizing best-practice educational strategies.
  • Workshops permit time for collegial discussion and for sharing professional successes and frustrations helping teachers to increase their expectations and reinvigorate their commitment.
Over the past 15 years, with the help of grants from several foundations and many individual donors, Share Literacy has served over 666,900 disadvantaged children in the U.S. and other countries. We provide books and training materials, plus professional development services at cost. We rely on donations and grants to cover these costs to enable us to continue our services and expand.

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Ravenswood School District received over 1200 books in the Spring of 2016 for their K-2 classes. The East Palo Alto Kids Foundation volunteers along with teachers assured that all the students received their books before the school year ended. Lara Burenin, the administrator of student affairs, wrote that the teachers were very excited to provide such beautiful and worthwhile books for their students, and many of the teachers provided some photos of the students enjoying their books.


Thank you note with Dragon and Neem from the book Neem the Half-Boy


Since 2008, teachers and students in San Jose CA's Alum Rock School District have shown their overwhelming gratitude for the books donated each holiday season during the Hoopoe Books Share Literacy Holiday give-away. Teacher Mindy Hoskins of McCollam Elem. for instance, writes this year: “Thank you and your organization Hoopoe Books Share Literacy for your kind and generous gift of books to the children in my 1st grade class. They were stunned when they learned you had given them their very own book!”

Hundreds of Thank-You cards and letters like this one pour in each year from the students. Students like 2nd Grader Esperanza who writes “Thank you for the nice books that [you] generously donated to us, it made me feel really happy to get a book. I really enjoy reading The Old Woman and the Eagle.” Many make comments on their favorite parts and some even tell about sharing the stories with their family, such as what Christopher H. says: “I am grateful and I will take care of this book. Because it's also in Spanish, my Dad and Mom can read it too.” See some more of the 2016 student thank-you letters and notes here.

8,869 Books Went to Children in California for
this Holiday Season’s Give-away

Thank you note

The above thank you letter and video are from Mrs. Wang's 2nd Grade Class in the San Antonio School of Alum Rock Union School District. Alum Rock schools received 4,881 Hoopoe books this year for grades TK-3 – and almost 1,200 Neem the Half-Boy books (half English and half English-Spanish bilingual) were given out to 2nd graders.

Share Literacy’s Holiday Program Donations
in Worcester, Massachusetts

kids in a classroom holding their copy of the book The Man and the Fox

2 Kids with Hoopoe books

Share Literacy’s Holiday Program recently donated 1,608 Hoopoe paperbacks to “Worcester: The City That Reads,” a private book donation program directed by John Monfredo that focuses on students in Worcester, Massachusetts public schools. John identified several schools and two school libraries serving the most at risk kids in the city of Worcester for these donations. Teachers use the books in their classes, and then give the books to each student to take home at the end of the class.


Share Literacy promotes the development of reading and thinking skills by partnering with established early childhood education agencies serving poverty level and low-income families. Thanks to all our donors without whom we'd not have been able to continue this program over the holidays.


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